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2020 West Virginia Supreme Court Election Divisions


West Virginia Supreme Court candidates run by division.  Since three seats are on the primary ballot, there are three divisions.  You will vote for one candidate in each division.


All West Virginia Supreme Court candidates were invited to complete an online questionnaire.  Click on the candidate’s name to learn more about the candidate and read his/her responses.  The information provided is unedited.


Division 1 (Full, 12-year term)
Tim Armstead
David Hummel Jr.
Richard Neely


Division 2 (Full, 12-year term)
Jim Douglas
Kristina “Kris” Raynes
Joanna I. Tabit
William R. “Bill” Wooton


Division 3 (Unexpired term)
Lora A. Dyer
John A. Hutchison
Bill Schwartz

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